Composing a Care-Informed  Research Practice in the Cracks

Artistic Research Practice • Check-ins • ethics of care

Utterances: Composing a Care-Informed Research Practice in the Cracks is a humble offering towards an alternative artistic research practice that is guided by an ethics of care.

Utterances proposes the ‘check in’ as an invitation, as well as a structure, dialogue, and reality that begins with the lived experience of the body, combined with the visceral experiences of sharing intimate spaces together. This approach opens space for collecting impressions, allowing for tensions and gaps, speaking and being silent, presence and non-presence, note taking and taking note, all as an ongoing process of caring coalition building.

This intimate publication’s collective research encompasses a way of working, the rhythms and the breaks of a certain kind of intimacy, and an ethos of being in ‘right relation’. With respect to this research being in right relation, seemingly separate lines of inquiry become interwoven, generate emergent interrelationships, bring together collective imagination, pursue unpredictable pathways, and honour the marginalia of research by centring the side notes and whispers.

Co-published with Meteoro Editions • Cover size of 140x195mm and an inside size of 110x155mm with 60 pages • Edition of 500 • ISBN 978-90-83423-10-4

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