Water Wareness

Panta Rhei Collaborative

Water politics • Global water inequality • Climate emergency • Water commoning

Water politics is a widely discussed and extremely prevalent topic throughout the world. From agriculture to energy, health to climate, transport to leisure, water plays an integral role in the functioning of our inhabited environments.

Yet over the last two centuries, the increasing enclosure of water through privatisation and marketisation has led to global water inequality and water poverty for many around the world, threatening the notion that it is a shared wealth for all.

Water Wareness is a multilayered publication that investigates how forms of water within our cities shape our urban environments, and affect our access to water as a common good in our daily inhabiting of the city. The publication contents with the questions: rather than occurring in opposition to capitalist tendencies where the state and market govern it, can individual water commoning instead become complementary to it? And, if so, how might we share the task of commoning amongst everybody in the wake of the climate emergency?

A 3-part publication consisting of a 10-page zick-zack-fold leporello in 100mm x 210mm format + A6 postcard + A1 folded poster with postcards, wrapped in an A4 cover • Edition of 50

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