How do we know what we know about hormones

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Collective practice • Embodied practice • Body Knowledge • Meditative Sketching • Body Data

This book is not a book about hormones. Rather, it is a book about how we humans think about our hormones, and how we know whatever we know about our hormones. This book is also a collection of invitations to draw, discuss, move, and imagine the internal bio-chemical dialogues that our bodies hold within themselves.

Informed by over a decade of work on body knowledge practices, this book encompasses the processes and findings of an artistic practice that has centered “body data”. Yet what this book is most interested in is nourishing sociality and creativity in order to connect abstract concepts to direct experience. As such, this book won’t tell you much about hormones. Instead it invites us to explore our respective, shared human interiority, which is neither passive nor silent, but rather abuzz with unseen communication...

148 x 210 mm • 32 pages with 4 transparent pages• Offset/natural paper white


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