How to Love Many in Many Ways

initiated by Engy Mohsen and Gabriel Hensche

Love • Collective practice • Game/exercise • Playful engagement • Reflection

What if we start practicing love not only within our romantic relationships, our families or with our friends, but with Ourselves, Other/s and Other Other/s, too? What happens if we understand love, not only as a private matter, but also as a form of collective practice? What if we start to understand love not as something that happens to us, but also as something that we can actively exercise? What would a collective practice of love towards Ourselves, Other/s, and Other Other/s then look like?

How to Love Many in Many Ways is an expanded artistic research project, initiated by Engy Mohsen and Gabriel Hensche in collaboration with nine invited artists and researchers, that takes the form of a set of games and exercises that playfully challenge the way we see and practice love and with whom we share it.

For this publication the authors of the games and exercises explorex the connections, encounters, concepts, and objects that stimulated the development of their individual games, in the form of a love story, intertwined with reference materials and processes that helped shape their contributions. This pamphlet therefore encapsulates narrative, image, text fragment, and drawing to reflect upon and unravel what captivated the authors of How To Love Many In Many Ways.

210 x 297 mm • 52 pages • Clairefontaine Trophée Intensive Pink 120 g/m² 


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